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Casualties' Of Mergers/Takeovers I am aware that that not all suffer the same consequences.

This post is solely the experience we have had with a company that has provided their logistic services to Lab Analytics Pty Ltd since the day we started up, they were bought out by a very large courier/logistic company in 2021.

When I was advised of this I stated to the person I liaise with that not all mergers/takeovers are bad but the rationale is for the owners/shareholders to gain financially. I did say that my experience when in corporate environment was that there are likely to be causalities IRO staff retrenchments as the new company rationalise their various divisions with duplications in departments etc. Most importantly I advised that the service we had experienced would decline and that personal touch would cease.

The company representative that I dealt with assured me that it would be seamless and that the service we received will continue as before, i had a chuckle and said OK lets see how this all pans out.

Well since the take over we had no direct contact with the locally based representatives and worked through a centralised calling centre, queued in a line of calls, transferred to the incorrect people. The wonderful easy to navigate and use systems were now that of the big brother. Cumbersome systems that took ages to capture and I id say to them why did they fix something that was not broken...yes uniformity and the big brother obviously enforced that theirs was better...definitely not.

At the end of June 2022 i needed an urgent shipment that was delayed by customs to be collected from our Cape Town warehouse and delivered to one of our Cape Town customers and spoke with my trusted representative at the company.

A very sombre voice greeted me and after I enquired what the matter was, I was told that a very large % of the company staff had been retrenched that day with more to come. Sadly it was the employees of the smaller company and I was gutted as I got to know them over the years of our relationship.

This is the reality with mergers/takeovers but from the human aspect it is very sad especially in the present economic climate.

We are now looking at an alternative service provider for our logistics from our warehouse in Somerset West for deliveries to towns in South Africa.

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